Our new FMV game 3am is scheduled for release by the end of the year. It will be available initially on Steam for Windows and Mac, with an iPad release to follow.

3am is a horror game about a group of students who book into an old hotel one night, run by a creepy landlord called Jimmy Hall, who invites them to watch his late night comedy show. When Maya, the last student to arrive, turns him down, Jimmy's rage releases his psychopathic comedy alter-ego, Hugo Punch, who takes control. At 3am Maya is woken by the scream of one of her friends somewhere in the hotel. Realising they're all in danger, Maya attempts to rescue her friends, but soon realises that Jimmy has already made other plans for her.

In fact, Jimmy has tied up all Maya's friends in their rooms and has wired each room to a home made device he calls his 'Milgram Machine.' The machine sets Maya a series of treasure-hunt-like tasks, while counting down the seconds. Every successful task stops the counter, eventually giving you the key to free another friend, but if the counter reaches zero the machine will electrocute them instead, flickering the lights throughout the hotel. Jimmy has no intention of making this easy however. He prowls the hotel and hides in the shadows with his baseball bat, waiting for you to slip up.

Watch this space for the upcoming trailer!

Contradiction is an interactive crime drama game that uses live-action video for the entirety of the game play. You play a character called Inspector Jenks, a police detective assigned to the case of a student found drowned in a lake one morning in a sleepy English country village. As you wander around the village, Jenks automatically makes note of objects you find, unusual things you see, events you witness and information you pick up. You also meet several characters, who will tell you what they know about each of your notes, with their replies noted as a list of bullet points. But Contradiction is full of liars – and liars always slip up and contradict themselves. The name of the game is to listen to characters’ replies and spot the contradictions.

It's available for iPad and PC or Mac via Steam.

Watch the trailer below.


‘Contradiction is a great game - we couldn't stop playing.’
~ Vinny Caravella, Giant Bomb

‘Tim Follin has made one of the best FMV games in history.’
~ Justin McElroy, Polygon

‘Contradiction is a truly masterfully created Narrative game.’
~ Alexx Aplin, Modvive

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