The live-action, fully interactive adventure mystery game.

Contradiction was funded through Kickstarter on 17th January 2014, receiving just over £4000. This money will be put towards covering production costs such as actors, crew, location fees, set design and props. Updates will be added to this page, below.

The game is already over £1000 over budget so contributions are very welcome! If you'd like to donate to this on-going project please click the 'donate' button below. Donate £10 or over and you've effectively just bought a pre-order for the game!

Pre-production begins!
1:02am 18/1/2014

I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in the Lake District with my family (all asleep) and a dodgy mobile internet connection (when will hotels just sort it out and offer free wifi as standard?!) so I can't post the pictures of the first location I've sorted out - it's the location I've chosen for Ryan Rand's Atlas, a training centre that also doubles as Ryan's home. It's quite a large, pre-Victorian, white house with a definite ring of 'The Prisoner' about it (i.e., the 1960's British TV series starring Patrick McGoohan) - it ticks all the boxes for Atlas and after searching far and wide for the location it turned up more or less on my doorstep, which is great! Pics will be coming soon.

Atlas training centre location
8:20pm 18/1/2014

Home again with a decent broadband connection! These are some pics of the location I found:

This will be more darkly lit than this as due to the budget restraints I'm back to shooting this all at night, which will hide a multitude of sins and make otherwise problematic locations work. Also it frees Chris up, my main actor (playing Jenks) who has a day job too!

The village
6:00pm 27/1/2014

I've finally settled on the location, which is a departure from some of the ideas I had for where to shoot this, but the reduced budget means I'm back to my original idea of shooting in a village. However, it's a very nice village! It's called Great Budworth and it's probably one of the most idyllic looking villages in the UK. Here it is:

The pic in the middle is close to how it'll actually appear in the game as it's all set at night - I did consider setting this during the day, but it poses too many logistical problems given the nature of the game. I've already got permission to shoot at the pub and two other locations within the village, so I'm hoping this week to get permissions from the remaining locations.

The cast
11:15pm 13/2/2014

Okay! After three weeks of relentless searching I can now announce the cast for Contradiction. Many thanks to now assistant producer John Guilor for sourcing virtually everyone here! Unfortunately due to work commitments, Chris Jackson is unable to continue in the role of inspector Jenks, but will still be featured in a smaller role. So, the cast are:

   Paul Darrow is a veteran actor with a long career in TV and film, beginning with shows such as The Saint and Z Cars, playing the Sherif of Nottingham in The Legend of Robin Hood and appearing in The Hammer House of Horror. He then played Captain Hawkins in Doctor Who, before going on to became a household name playing the role of Kerr Avon in Blake's 7. More recently he has appeared in Law & Order: UK and feature films such as Die Another Day. It's a huge honour to have Paul on board, playing Ryan's dominating and wealthy entrepreneur father, Paul Rand.
   Rupert Booth is an actor, freelance writer and performer. His most recent book 'Not a Number,' a biography of the actor Patrick McGoohan, has just gone into it's second print run and more books are on their way. Having provided material for 'Shooting Stars' in 2011, he has now co founded Wildfire Media, which already has several projects in development. Rupert is currently running writing workshops in various locations with Julia Fisher in which they explore the origins of the basic story types and why they resonate with the individual. Rupert will be playing the omnipresent Inspector Jenks, replacing Chris Jackson. He has committed a huge amount of time to this project for which we can't thank him enough!
   Melanie Gray is a stage and screen actress with a huge list of theatre, TV and film roles. Theatre credits include playing the lead Mia in 'Immaculate' at the Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh 2005 Festival, Jessica in 'Hysteria' at The English Theatre in Frankfurt and Samantha Cameron in 'The New Prime Minister,' among many others. TV work includes roles in dramas such as 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent,' '13 Steps Down' and the BBC’s 'Pramface.' Film work is extensive, with roles in 'Flatshare,' 'Perfect Fried Chicken,' 'Where There’s Life,' 'The Christmas Bunny,' 'I Chop You,' 'Anamnesis' and many more. It’s a pleasure to have Melanie play Rebecca Rand, Ryan’s cool but controlling wife!
   John Guilor began his acting career later than originally planned at the age of 35. His first appearance was on stage in 2008 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse as TopCop in Alice Nutter’s “Where’s Vietnam?” Brief appearances in Emmerdale, The Chase, The Royal and Heartbeat followed, before being offered a role in a touring production of Mary Webb’s ‘Precious Bane’ in which he played Prue Sarn’s romantic interest, Kester Woodseaves. More recently, his talent for mimicry lead him to be offered the role of the voice of William Hartnell’s Doctor in the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. John will of course be playing Atlas leader, Ryan Rand.
   Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler is half Irish and half Spanish and speaks both languages fluently. She is a professional actor who has dabbled in modelling as well. She has worked in England as an actor specialising in young people's theatre, but has acted in professional independent British films and numerous shorts. She has a broad acting range and says she enjoys taking on new and interesting roles, which is fortunate for us! Anarosa will be flying over from a waterlogged Dublin for the shoot, to play Emma Bowman, partner of Atlas student Simon Thompson.
   Magnus Sinding is a versatile performer with experience in musical, children’s and dramatic theatre as well as film, voice-over and audiobook recording. Magnus’ work spans cartoony panto villains via urban sci-fi antiheroes to understated dramatic performances. Writing is another of Magnus’ favourite pursuits - he’s always working on at least one writing project. His passion for writing and art combined at the young age of five when he almost finished a comic book. It told the story of a skeleton whose toes curled up in the rain, and would surely have won a Pulitzer had it been finished. Magnus will be playing Atlas student Simon Thompson.
   Stephen Mosley is the author of The Boy Who Loved Simone Simon – a collection of strange tales which he also illustrated. His film articles have appeared in such periodicals as Midnight Marquee and We Belong Dead. His film credits include the Evil Ear Goblin in Kenneth and the crazed Alcoholics Anonymous Leader in Elevator Gods. On-stage he has played the father of a dysfunctional family in Red Ladder Theatre Company's acclaimed black comedy Forgotten Things, Fagin in Oliver! - and even James Bond. He is one half of the music duo Collinson Twin and lives in a dungeon near Leeds.
   Ellie Chivers has been a theatre actor since 2008, appearing in numerous productions including Macbeth and The Canterbury Tales, as well as appearing in several films and commercials. Ellie will be playing troubled former-Atlas student Lisa Blint.
   Chris Jackson is a theatre and TV actor, who due to work commitments has swapped roles with Rupert in order to play the character of Peter, a drunk who has some valuable information for Jenks. Chris is a lovely guy who has helped out enormously during the testing stage of the game, for which I'm very grateful!

The Trailer
8:30pm 12/5/2014

After seven very, very long days shooting, many bizarre coincidences and the collapse and hospitalisation of Ryan Rand's alter ego John with a serious case of blood poisoning (yes, he's ok - just), we have nearly everything shot! Here's a quick taster of what's in the game.

4:30pm 13/5/2014

Here is a teaser featuring Paul Darrow and John Guilor.